Airports of Regions MC wins Best Office Awards

Airports of Regions MC has won the Best Office Awards in the Business Space category. The passenger lounge for Priority Pass cardholders at Strigino Airport in Nizhny Novgorod (managed by Airports of Regions MC) was honoured with this prestigious award.

The awarding ceremony was held on 27 May 2021 in the finals of the Business & Design Dialogue 2021 forum. The Best Office Awards, annually celebrating the best business space solutions in Russia, has been held since 2010. It is the key national professional awards in the field of corporate interior design.

The lounge for Priority Pass cardholders opened at Strigino Airport in November 2019. The art for this space was developed by Moscow-based NEFA ARCHITECTS. According to its designers, they sought to breathe an atmosphere of comfort and security into the interior, in order to focus on an individual approach to travellers. The lounge features a welcome zone, a kitchen and bar zone, chill-out and relax waiting areas, dining and children’s zones. The lounge is accommodated in the domestic departures waiting space and can provide services for up to 50 people at a time. The space is designed in warm cosy colours and unobtrusively zoned, with passengers capable of choosing between a more private or lively waiting areas.

Strigino won the Best Office Awards in 2017 for the first time: at that time the airport’s business lounge was celebrated. Airports of Regions MC has won Best Office Awards several times for business spaces in other airports: Koltsovo Airport (Ekaterinburg) received the award in 2014, Kurumoch Airport (Samara) – in 2015, Platov Airport (Rostov-on-Don) – in 2018, Gagarin Airport (Saratov) – in 2020.