Koltsovo, Platov, Kurumoch awarded 5 Skytrax stars as COVID safe places

The Ekaterinburg (Koltsovo), Rostov-on-Don (Platov) and Samara (Kurumoch) airports have become the first Russian airports to be awarded 5 stars in the course of a COVID safety audit conducted by Skytrax, an authoritative international rating organisation (based in the UK). All three airports are managed by Region Airports MC.

Skytrax is believed to be the most prestigious international rating for airports and airlines in the area of passenger service quality assessment. The COVID-19 Safety Rating is a new assessment system introduced by this organisation in 2020 in response to the challenges of new times. As part of the audit, Skytrax experts assess compliance with more than 175 airport safety protocols applied by airports during the coronavirus pandemic, evaluating an airport’s conformity with passenger and staff health, hygiene and epidemiological safety regulations.

During the audit, the assessors evaluate all facilities and services within the terminal: the mandatory use of personal protective gear by both staff of and visitors to the airport, the availability of touch free thermometry, hands free service technologies, social distancing signs, creating audio awareness of mandatory protection measures, cleanliness in all functional areas and rooms, and availability of a COVID-19 testing facility. Based on the audit results, Skytrax makes a judgement on how effectively and consistently coronavirus prevention measures are implemented at a particular airline hub.

“Since the very beginning of the new coronavirus pandemic, we have taken the safety of our passengers and staff very seriously. We studied the experience of our colleagues and started introducing most effective solutions along with comprehensive measures to counter the spread of the virus. It is extremely important for us that travelling through our airports minimises the risk of COVID-19 infection,” said Evgeny Chudnovsky, CEO Airports of Regions MC.

“Airports of Regions has developed and implemented a very consistent and extensive set of measures to counter the spread of COVID-19, which made this company the proud holder of the highest five-star rating as a result of the COVID security audit. Eye-catching, conspicuous COVID-19 awareness-raising signs and social distancing markings are commendable. Each of these airports provides very intensive cleaning and disinfection of their key contact areas. The anti-epidemic measures introduced there encourage the use of face masks, hand hygiene and social distancing. Airports of Regions has implemented one of the best anti-COVID visual awareness systems we have seen," said Skytrax CEO Edward Plaisted.

The 5-star rating is the evidence of the highest level of airport cleanliness and strict adherence to all passenger service procedures. The 5-star COVID-19 Safety Rating, apart from the three airports managed by Airports of Regions MC, has so far been awarded only to five airports in Rome, Istanbul, Bogota, Baku and Hamad (Doha).