Tobolsk starts recruiting staff for new airport

Personnel recruitment for a new airport in Tobolsk has kicked off. The plan calls for about 160 employees to be hired between March and July this year.

The airport needs blue collars and engineers of various occupations: passenger check-up and service, driving special vehicles, airfield works, passenger and baggage inspection, aircraft maintenance, security of airport facilities, air traffic control, and life-rescuing operations.

The employer will organise special training and internships for all positions at its own expense. Internships will be undertaken at the existing Tobolsk airfield and other airports operated by Airports of Regions MC.

A convenient shuttle service will be put in place for employees of the new airport to their future place of work from two Tobolsk communities. Precise descriptions of the airport vacancies are published on the resource as well as on the city’s employment centre website.

This is the first time an airport capable of accommodating medium-haul aircraft is being built in Tobolsk. Today, a 2,400-metre-long and 45-metre-wide runway has been built and is ready for operation. In 2020, the construction of a passenger terminal for city residents and visitors was launched. First regular flights are scheduled for late 2021.