Koltsovo airport confirms compliance with passenger and cargo service requirements

The Koltsovo international airport (part of the Airports of Regions holding) has passed and reaffirmed its compliance with civil aviation regulatory requirements, as regards the passenger, baggage, mail and cargo services. The compliance certificate is issued for three years, but an air hub must annually corroborate it and pass recertification every three years. The given certification was earlier mandatory for all airports, but now it is optional. Koltsovo would not scrap this procedure, annually confirming its certificate in an attempt to maintain the high standards of passenger, baggage, mail and cargo services.


In the course of annual certification, the education and expertise of administrators and employees of respective services are verified as well as passenger, baggage, cargo service technologies along with the availability and condition of vehicles used at the airport. A special commission inspects the premises and areas where hazardous freight is stored, for example. It should be noted that all of the above-listed requirements must not only be met, but the evidence must also be documented. Special emphasis during the inspection is placed on the claims commission formed to receive and carefully examine claims from passengers and clients of the freight terminal. All these measures positively affect the satisfaction of passengers and consignors with the quality of services provided by the airport.

Certification binds the airport to timely update the documentation, keeping abreast with time in terms of technology and thus reducing the operating risks. Furthermore, the claims on the airport laid by the compliance certificate are aligned with the requirements of airlines. Thus meeting the given certification requirements, Koltsovo airport would have no problem passing the audits of more than 30 serviced airlines.