Platov Airport Complex (included in Airports of Regions holding) proceeded to mounting of the passenger luggage handling system. The system represents the equipment for the collection, transportation and delivery of luggage; its installation will be completed before September.

French Alstef system includes 4 baggage delivery carousels, 33 baggage check-in desks, equipment for the baggage picking and handling area. The system capacity of 2,000-2,200 suitcases per hour is rather sufficient to handle the passenger baggage during the peak hours without queues. The fully automated system provides correct sorting of baggage and control of movement. In addition, two CTX 9800 DSi® tomographs of Morpho Detection, U.S. producer, will be integrated into the handling system. The tomographs have high detection ability and allow for automatic identification of explosives.

It is worth noting that such high-tech baggage handling equipment is installed in the world’s largest airports, for example, in Paris and Istanbul. Alstef's baggage handling arrangement solutions are applied at the airports of Montreal, Dubai, Toulouse and Nice. In Russia, Alstef equipment is installed at Strigino Airport in Nizhny Novgorod.