The procurement of goods (works, services) for the needs of Airports of Regions Management Company and the companies operated by it (Koltsovo Airport, Nizhny Novgorod International Airport, Kurumoch International Airport) is carried out by Airports of Regions Management Company (representative office in Ekaterinburg) in compliance with Federal Law No. 223-FZ dated 18.07.2011 “On Procurement of Goods, Works and Services by Certain Types of Legal Entities”, other federal laws, other statutory instruments concerning procurement activities as well as Rules and Regulations “On Procurement of Goods (Woks, Services)” approved by order No.7 of Airports of Regions Management Company dated 15.02.2013.

Information on the procurement (of works, services) carried out by Airports of Regions Management Company can be found at the official website of the Russian Federation for publishing procurement data of legal entities. Airports of Regions Management Company carries out its procurement activities holding to the principles of openness, transparency and fair competition, which eliminates the risk of abusive activities and corruption during procurement order placement.

The procurement policy is aimed at obtaining the best procurement conditions (price, lead times, warranty obligations, etc) while ensuring a high quality of the procured products.


Airports of Regions Management Company seeks to create equal conditions for all participants of the procurement process and to make the procurement procedure transparent. Our holding values its partners’ trust and cares about its business reputation. We are an open company and stand up against all types of corruption and unfair competition.

If you become aware of any abusive practices or violations of the established procedures by the employees of the holding’s airports, abuse of position or authority, causing damage to the company or a possibility of such practices arising, please report the related information using our hot line.

All information reported via the hot line is anonymous and confidential. All messages are checked by the authorized employees of Airports of Regions Management Company.

Reports can be submitted by:

Thank you for cooperation!