Our training and development system covers all categories of operational and clerical personnel, and all management levels - from workers/specialists to top managers.

The basic principles of the training and professional development system are:

  • Operational needs
  • Choice of best training methods and programs
  • Training of young specialists


Training programs are designed to suit the objectives and the audience of the course and to make use of various teaching methods, techniques and aids. The company’s system of training programs comprises:

  • Obligatory qualification-raising programs regulated by the legislation
  • Additional qualification-raising programs for development of professional competence
  • Training programs for development of foreign languages skills
  • Training programs for development of managerial and professional competence for succession pool members
  • Individual development programs for succession pool members
  • Experience-exchange programs: personal guidance of young coworkers, onsite training, conferences
  • Assistance in the development of the employees’ competency is among our main objectives.