Nizhny Novgorod Airport is one of the oldest in our country.  The first scheduled flight from Moscow to Nizhny Novgorod was performed on July 15, 1923. Since 1993 the airport has had an international status and has been certified to carry out all kinds of aviation operations. It is an alternate aerodrome for Moscow hub airports.

1933 – the 201st special purpose air division of the Moscow Territorial Department of Civil Air Fleet was set up on December 1 in the city of Gorky (now called Nizhny Novgorod). Fedyakovo aerodrome served as its home station.

1940 – Gorky Airport of the Moscow Territorial Department of Civil Air Fleet was established at Avtozavod Flying Club Aedrome (Strigino Aerodorme). The 201st air division of the Moscow Territorial Department of Civil Air Fleet was relocated to Strigino Airport.

1941 – during the Great Patriotic War a United Gorky Aviation Enterprise was formed at Gorky-Strigino Airport, which comprised the 201st air division’s airport and military air forces.

1946 – the 201st air division was set up again to be under command of Privlozhsky Territorial Department of Civil Aviation. The air division comprised two squadrons based in Yoshkar-Ola and Cheboksary. Strigino Airport of the Moscow Department of Civil Aviation started to operate transit flights.

1952 – the 201st air division was renamed into the 148th air division of the territorial department of RSFSR central regions. Gorky-Strigino Airport remained subordinate to the Moscow Department of Civil Air Fleet. This department dealt with the application of aviation in national economy.

1958 – works started on the construction of a concrete-paved runway and an apron.

1960 – after merging with Gorky-Strigino Airport, the 148th air division, the squadron of Li-2 and Il-14 aircraft and airports of local airlines the air division was renamed into the 148 th United Gorky Air Division of the Privlozhsky Department of Civil Aviation.

1965 – the new passenger terminal began to be used for passenger service.

1966 – 1973 – time of active development and construction. A new office building, a garage, a dorm, an aircraft maintenance base and a cargo depot were commissioned, the apron was broadened, the runway was extended and the construction of a passenger terminal was started.

1979 – the airport was equipped with state-of-the-art navigation systems and an automatic approach system for landing in adverse weather conditions; the readiness of the navigation and support systems for receiving ICAO category I flights was confirmed.

1976 – 1980 – the construction of the second runway.

1983 – the six storey Aeroflot Hotel was opened near the airport for passengers and guests of the city.

1994 – Nizhny Novgorod United Air Division consolidated enterprise was divided into three independent organizations: Nizhny Novgorod International Airport state enterprise, Nizhny Novgorod Airlines and Aeronavigation NN state enterprise.

In 2003 the state enterprise was transformed into Nizhny Novgorod International Airport (MANN).