The renovation project for Koltsovo International Airport (managed by Airports of Regions Management Company) has been presented to the broad public in Yekaterinburg today. Work on the first phase of this large-scale infrastructure project is to be completed by the third quarter of 2023, and already in summer the renewed airport will welcome the guests of the World Student Games.

Private investments in the terminal retrofitting at this stage will exceed RUB 5 billion. In addition, the state border checkpoint will be re-equipped on federal budget funds (RUB 1.7 billion). The architectural design was developed by the British architectural studio Buro Bitus, the design and technical documentation was prepared by Spectrum Holding, and the interiors were created by VOX Architects.

A tender is currently underway to select a contractor for the development of paperwork and detailed design as well as for the turnkey construction and assembly works. Bids are being accepted until 15 February 2022.

As was noted during the presentation by Alexander Pastukhov, Executive Director of Koltsovo Airport PJSC, the current phase of remodelling will affect the international airlines terminal and the adjacent square.

“The current capacity of the international terminal may soon become a limiting factor for further growth of the airport traffic, including connection flights. Therefore, our main objective during the reconstruction will be increasing the capacity of the international sector and raising the level of services for passengers. It is noteworthy that the reconstruction will be carried out in the existing terminal without any interruption of its operations. We will do our best to maintain maximum comfort for our passengers in this situation”, Pastukhov underlined.

The Principal Architect of Buro Bitus Alex Bitus who developed the renovation project spoke about changes in the airport exterior.

“The project involves extension of the passenger terminal deep into the land side and the appearance of an integrated entrance lobby. An elegant roof will be built over all the facilities of the future expansion, linking them with the terminal together in one visually complete ensemble. Not only will this roof become a unifying element for all of the buildings, but it will also serve as a full-fledged canopy over the land side, to create a new and memorable image of Koltsovo Airport,” said Bitus.

As part of the first reconstruction phase, a new section of the passenger terminal will be built along the main facade, the technology of the IAL terminal operations will be altered, with customs control to be moved to the first floor and to follow the pre-flight inspection. The land side traffic pattern will also change. This phase of refurbishment will result in a 14,000-sqm expansion of the passenger terminal: the capacity of the international sector will increase from 1,300 to 2,520 passengers per hour, the number of booths at the state border checkpoint will increase from 30 to 126. The international terminal will have a special technology for transit passengers, with a capacity reaching 520 passengers per hour.

In the future, the domestic airline terminal will see a sharp rise in its capacity. A multi-level parking facility and a railway platform will be built near the terminal. The large-scale retrofitting endeavour will lead to Yekaterinburg getting an up-to-date passenger terminal that meets international standards in terms of both infrastructure and passenger service technologies.