Today, on 26 December, Governor of Rostov Region Vasily Golubev and General Director of the Airports of Regions managing company Evgeny Chudnovsky opened “Platov and His Time” exposition at Platov International Airport. The exposition presented by five multimedia installations in the passenger terminal is dedicated to the ataman of the Don Cossack Army, Matvei Ivanovich Platov, after whom, by decision of the residents of the region, new Rostov Airport is named.

– The exposition adds charm to our airport, - said Governor of Rostov Region Vasily Golubev at the opening. - The airport lives, develops and grows. In recent years, we have been paying attention to the development of the tourist potential of Rostov Region, so the guests of our region should see it from different sides: not only modernity, but also history and, of course, future.

“Platov and His Time” exposition tells, laconically and visually, about historical events which took place many centuries ago and in which the famous ataman took part and immerses a viewer into the atmosphere of the Cossacks and the Free South. The exposition design combines the style of the past and the future, organically fitting into the architecture of the modern international airport.

- To disclose the exposition subject to the maximum extent, it includes a variety of tools: interactive installations, multimedia programs, technological novelties of the museum business, - says Evgeny Chudnovsky, General Director of Airports of Regions management company. - Such an approach will facilitate immersion of foreign passengers in the cultural and historical realities of the Russian South, and Russian visitors to the airport will be given an opportunity to have a look at the known pages of history alternately.

The exhibition begins with Don Installation: a 14-meter LED screen shows an endless flight over the Don from the mouth of the river to the influx of the river into the Sea of ​​Azov. The Don is the main artery of the surrounding living space, a source of fertility and inexhaustible energy in the cultural tradition of the South of Russia. Like other great rivers in the world history, the Don is a millennial witness to the development of human civilization. The Free South originates on its shores. The Free South is the central and most impressive installation of the exposition. It is placed on a closed panoramic screen, on which a short video film about the free Cossack life is broadcasted. Cossacks ride horses across the endless Don vast, they talk and admire the beauty of southern nature, and a passenger who watches the video fully immerses in the atmosphere, feeling himself or herself free, bold, and relaxed.

Through the Centuries Multimedia Installation demonstrates the transformation of the appearance of Cossacks over several centuries. Three-dimensional figures of Cossacks in full growth slowly rotate around the vertical axis, giving a viewer an opportunity to view the details of their equipment from all sides. The installation has an interactive panel where visitors can “try on” their favourite costumes and send a picture via e-mail.

The Patriotic War of 1812 Installation is dedicated to one of the battles of the Patriotic War of 1812. There are three viewfinders opposite the picture of the battle: by looking into each of them, a viewer sees a unique fragment of the picture that “comes to life” with his or her help. The effect of immersion in the picture will be enhanced by special effects, such as powder smoke, rising above the guns

From a distance, Fractal Portraits Installation looks like an image of Field Marshal Kutuzov and Ataman Platov. As you approach the object, you begin to understand that the images consist of words that, in turn, add up to sentences. When approaching the installation closely, a passenger will be able to read the interesting excerpts from the history set out in an accessible laconic form.

The exposition is open in the lounge of Russian and international flights.