The design documentation for the construction of a new passenger terminal at Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Airport (Elizovo) (part of the Airports of the Regions holding company) will be developed by the Russian representative office of German design company ASSMANN BERATEN + PLANEN. A relevant decision was made by the tender committee of Airports of Regions holding company based on the results of tender negotiations with the design organizations that applied for participation in the tender. In addition to the passenger terminal, in accordance with the terms of the design contracts, ASSMANN BERATEN + PLANEN will develop documentation for reconstruction of Elizovo airport apron at its junction with the new terminal and will also implement a separate project for construction of a highway to the terminal building.

– The signing of a contract for design of new Elizovo passenger terminal is the first step towards the practical implementation of the project of modernization of the infrastructure of Kamchatka's main air gates, - says Evgeny Chudnovsky, General Director of  Airports of Regions management company. - Development of design documentation and receipt of a positive conclusion from Glavgosexpertiza of Russia is expected to be completed in the summer 2018, after which we will be able to select a general contractor and begin construction.

The new passenger terminal of Elizovo airport has an area of ​​34 thousand square meters and will serve passengers on domestic and international flights. The air terminal will also include a hotel for 120 rooms and an office and business centre. The basis for the architectural concept of the building of new Elizovo terminal, made by Fantalis, is one of the main sights of Kamchatka, volcanoes. The building of the new airport terminal made in the form of a truncated cone, according to the architects plan, it will resemble a volcanic crater. The terminal building design will consider all present day requirements to the passenger service quality and security, including the dangerous natural factors of the region, such as the possibility of 9-10-point earthquakes, the fall of volcanic ash and flooding.

Note: Airports of Regions holding company won the investment tender for modernization of  Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky airport, conducted by the Development Corporation of the Kamchatka Territory. The agreement on the project of construction and operation of Elizovo airport was entered into between the Corporation for Development of Kamchatka Territory and Airports of Regions management company on 3 November 2017. The total amount of private investments in the project will exceed 7 billion rubles. The new terminal is planned to be commissioned in 2021.

ASSMANN BERATEN + PLANEN is a project company that operates all over the world. It was founded by Martin Assmann in Braunschweig in 1959. Due to the constant expansion of its services related to the qualitative and quantitative development of personnel, as well as strengthening of its global presence through the creation of branches and representative offices, the company has grown into one of the major design companies in Germany. The portfolio of the projects of ASSMANN BERATEN + PLANEN includes a variety of facilities built around the world for various purposes, including airports, industrial and sport facilities and much more. As part of the previous experience of cooperation with Airports of Regions, the company has developed project documentation for construction of the passenger terminal and other facilities of the service and engineering territory of new Rostov-on-Don airport (Platov).