Construction of a solid-cast frame of the passenger terminal of a new airport complex in Saratov (part of Airports of Regions holding company) has started. The general contractor made concrete casting of three columns of the first floor of the new terminal building.

– Construction of the terminal building frame is a new stage of construction, at which the work of the “zero cycle” continue, including the pouring of piles, installation of monolithic structures of the basement and concrete casting of the foundation grilles of the passenger terminal building, - explains Andrei Zemlyakov, Director for Capital Construction of Airports of Regions management company. - According to the construction schedule, the bearing frame of the three-story terminal building will be completed next spring.

It should be noted that the pile field under the terminal building is currently completed for 89%. The builders embedded 815 bored piles in concrete, 20% of the foundation mat were filled. The pile foundation is installed on the platform for the supports of three pedestrian bridges, which will connect the terminal building with the telescopic gangways.

Works on other buildings of the airport facility:

- state control bodies buildings (floor area: ​​2,568 m2): the monolithic frame of the first and second floors of the three-story building has been constructed; the columns and stairwells are being reinforced at the third level;

- process building (floor area: 3,839 m2): the foundation plate has been poured, the basement walls are being reinforced and embedded in concrete;

- an administrative building with a staff cafeteria (floor area: ​​2,548 m2): a foundation plate is embedded in concrete, columns and stairwells are being reinforced at the ground floor level;

- ground handling garage (floor area: 2,527 m2): the foundation has been embedded in concrete, the basement walls are being reinforced.

About 500 builders and 26 units of equipment and machinery, including five tower cranes, were involved in the construction of the passenger terminal building, as well as other buildings and facilities of the investment part.