Airports of Regions Management Company was declared the winner of the tender organized by Development Corporation of Kamchatka JSC for the selection of the company that will implement the investment project for the construction of the passenger terminal and other facilities of Yelizovo (Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky) airport system and ensure its further operation. This decision was announced today at the meeting of the tender commission.

The project proposed by Airports of Regions MC involves the construction of the air terminal complex with the area of more than 30 thousand square meters, which includes not only the passenger terminal but also a 120-room hotel and a shopping and office center. As a result, Yelizovo airport will become not just a modern hub (the terminal will be equipped with telescopic walkways and advanced processing equipment) but also the center of a new tourist cluster. The flow capacity of the passenger terminal will be 1 million people, private investments in the project will exceed 7 billion rubles. The complex commissioning is scheduled for 2021.

“Kamchatka Krai has a great potential for the development of domestic and inbound tourism, the use of which largely depends on the creation of the up-to-date hospitality infrastructure on the peninsula. The implementation of our project will allow to advance in completing this task in several directions at once: Kamchatka will get a new terminal, a high-quality accommodation facility, and a platform for holding business events”, points out Yevgeny Chudnovsky, Director General of Airports of Regions Management Company.