Kurumoch International Airport successfully showed the compliance with international standards and recommended policies for ground servicing safety ISAGO (IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations).

Three-day audit was carried out in the activity areas such as alignment and control of aircraft loading, passenger services and baggage handling, aircraft maintenance and loading, aircraft ground movement, cargo and mail handling. According to the results of the audit, there was no non-compliance with the requirements of international standards for ground servicing.

The primary audit of the Samara Airport was carried out in 2013, Kurumoch International Airport was entered in the register of ISAGO operators based on the results of the audit. This audit is not mandatory for Russian ports; airports pass it voluntarily and must confirm this status every two years. The availability of this certificate increases the attractiveness of the airport for foreign air carriers.

This is not the first audit of international level experts, which Samara airport successfully passed in 2017. Earlier, Kurumoch received four stars from the authoritative research company Skytrax (Great Britain), confirming the high level of passenger services according to international standards.