Now passengers of Koltsovo Airport (a company of the Airports of Regions Holding) can navigate inside the terminal using the 2GIS mobile application or its online version. Detailed plans of all floors became available to service users: from check-in counters and luggage packing points to customs check points and departure gates. Moreover, the map shows more than 70 organizations carrying out their activity in Koltsovo Airport – cafes and restaurants, shops and ATMs, air agencies and car rental companies. The information on the work schedule, user feedback and other useful data are available for all organizations.

“Internal navigation is one of the most essential airport elements that ensure the easy movement of passengers inside the airport. Navigation becomes particularly important during the development of the Koltsovo Airport’s transfer potential and on the threshold of the World Cup, many guests of which will visit Yekaterinburg for the first time. The appearance of terminal schemes in the 2GIS service has become another step demonstrating the airport’s transparency and making information on the airport more accessible”, said Aleksey Piskunov, Executive Director of Koltsovo Airport.

“Last year we provided the 2GIS users with floor plans in 15 largest shopping centers in Yekaterinburg”, says the 2GIS Divisional Manager Aleksandr Vavilov. “Having estimated the demand for this service, we continued to expand it with socially significant facilities of our city. In June, “floor plans” appeared in Koltsovo Airport. The service greatly facilitated the navigation inside terminals and, therefore, made it more comfortable for passengers”.

The floor plans of Koltsovo Airport are available in mobile versions of the service for Android, iOS, and also online on the website 2gis.ru.