Airports of Regions Holding took part in one of the highest points of June – the Direct Line with President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. Aleksandr Serov, Operations Director of Rostov-on-Don Airport, was staying at the construction site of the Platov airport complex in a live broadcast. He invited the head of the state to the opening ceremony and asked how to accelerate the development of air traffic between regions.

“The route network is arranged in such a way that passengers often have to fly to regions through Moscow, thus wasting time. Please, tell us if it is planned to carry out any activities to ensure the expansion of the intraregional route network so that to connect regions with direct flights,” asked Aleksandr Serov.

“You’ve raised one of the most sensitive issues related to transport accessibility and preservation of the unity of our territory. You are absolutely right. Unfortunately, this network was fully broken down in the 1990s. We’ve been working for several years to restore everything and introduce a totally new base. We’ll continue to solve this task,” replied the President.

At the end of the talk Vladimir Putin added that such projects as Platov play a vital role in the development of the transport complex.

“Platov is the first airport in contemporary Russia that will be constructed from scratch, according to the most advanced techniques based on the up-to-date technologies. This is essential for the development of the country's transport infrastructure as a whole and for the development of the region,” remarked the President.