An airport as an art territory: a personal exhibition of the Italian artist Marco Grassi was opened in the Kurumoch airport. The exposition is placed on the third floor of the airport terminal in the domestic departure zone.

Marco Grassi is a portrait painter who creates his works in expressive, bright colors. The artist mainly uses pasty olive underpainting to form the tone. On the basis the author depicts figures using bright neon colors. The artist highlights contours with moving lines and paints the images on the canvas with wide, long, colorful strokes using a spatula or streaks: the combination of techniques allows to create ethereality, dynamics and mobility on the dark background.

Four oil canvas paintings were selected for the exposition:

  •  Do more of what makes you happy
  •  Japan is my love
  •  Lady
  •  Lady sioux

“This year the Samara airport will celebrate its 60th anniversary from the date of establishment. The art exhibition of the modern Italian author is one of the surprises prepared by us for the passengers to make their stay at the airport not just comfortable but also amazing,” said Konstantin Bylinin, Executive Director of Kurumoch International Airport. The exhibition will be opened until mid-July.

The exhibition is held with the support of ART-MOST.COM project.