Platov airport complex (included in Airports of Regions holding), which is being built in Rostov-on-Don, will host a unique event on June 10, 2017 – Platov Runway race. The runners may choose among three tracks: 2 km, 3.6 km (equal to the runway length), and a half-marathon distance of 21 km. The participants can  register  at the website until June 4. Professional athletes and fans of running have a week to take a chance to run on the runway and witness the construction of the large facility.

The new Rostov-on-Don airport is the first airport of such a scale in the post-Soviet Russia, which is built from scratch. It will start serving passengers in December 2017. While the airport is preparing for the opening, Airports of Regions holding decided to join the European airports that conduct races on their territory and arranged the Russia’s first event of this kind.

“In six months only aircraft and special machines will have access to the runway. And today such a chance is given  to sportsmen and aviation fans. The construction of the largest infrastructure project in the South of Russia is at the final stage, we make our run-up before taking-off and give the opportunity to anyone to join us”, says Evgeny Chudnovsky, Director General of Airports of Regions Management Company.