The contract for construction of a passenger terminal and service technical facilities of the new Central Airport Saratov will be concluded with Esta Construction LLC, acting as a general contractor. The bid of this construction organization was recognized by the commission of the organizer, Airports of Regions Management Company, as the most consistent with the tender documentation.

“Esta has a considerable experience of construction of large facilities of various applications. It has its own powerful production base and qualified personnel, which gives us assurance that the work will be performed in a quality and timely manner”, summed up the tender results Andrey Zemlyakov, Head of Capital Construction Department of Airports of Regions holding. “According to the terms of the contract, the general contractor will perform construction and installation work related to the construction of buildings and structures of various application at the new airport with the total area of about 35,000 m2, as well as the work related to the arrangement of special sites, internal utilities, landscaping, asphalting of roads, parking lots and pavements”.

Recall that the general contractor selection started in December 2016. It was held in two stages. A total of 20 construction organizations showed interest in the project, and 14 of them passed qualification selection. The main stage of the tender was held in the form of competitive negotiations which started this February. At this stage, the quotations were presented                 by representatives from Russia, Turkey, Italy and the Czech Republic. According to the terms of the tender, the winning bidder shall perform the Design & Build work, which stipulates for the general contractor not only the construction work but also the development of working documentation for the construction.

It is worth noting that the portfolio of the projects implemented by Esta in Russia includes such landmarks as Krasnodar Stadium, which is recognized as the most luxurious and high-tech stadium in the world; Gorki Gorod shopping mall, which attracts attention due to the beach and the aqua park located on the top floor under a huge glass roofing, with the area of 6 ths. m2, which makes the roofing the first largest in Europe and the third largest in the world; Krasnodar Central Park, which is the most high-tech and eco-friendly project in the world; Metropolis 2 shopping mall, which was awarded as the Best Shopping Mall 2016 in Russia (professional award in the field of commercial real estate). Currently, the company is building a number  of large-scale housing, retail, entertainment and public facilities, including Heart of the Capital residential complex (Moscow) and a nine-level parking lot with the total area of 66 ths. m2 for Domodedovo International Airport.

Earlier, the construction customer – SarAero-Invest PJSC (included in Airports of Regions holding) started the preparation work for the arrangement of the construction camp on the site near Saburovka settlement: the headquarters building was constructed, and temporary utilities are being arranged. Spectrum Holding was selected as a technical customer for carrying out construction control of the airport complex facilities.