The new Rostov-on-Don airport complex attracted attention of students of the South Federal University Academy of Architecture and Arts. Within the project field trip, more than 50 future bachelors and masters in architecture and design have got familiarized with interior, design and engineering solutions used upon  the new region “air gate” erection. In the course of excursion at the future passenger terminal building, specialists of the Airports of Regions holding and Likmakmarashstroy, a general contractor entity, familiarized students with the history of creating a new air terminal unique architectural appearance and peculiarities of performing building and assembly jobs upon the embodiment of designer’s ideas.


“In the period of annual summer project field trip, we seek to familiarize our students with the most significant and large-scale facilities constructed within our region territory”, Irina Moscolopulo, Senior Lecturer in Architecture of Residential and Public Buildings of the Academy of Architecture and Arts, the head of team notes. “New Don capital airport construction site selection as practice for young specialists is evident, since such facility is an outstanding example of applying up-to-date architectural solutions.    It’s important to demonstrate the facility to architect students just now for them to form a clear understanding of peculiarities as to the embodiment of designer’s ideas and the assembly stage of reinforced-concrete and metal works.”


In the course of inspecting buildings at the new airport technical territory, Academy students inquired about peculiarities in designing airport complexes, unique solutions applied upon the erection of buildings, finishing materials got facades and roof.    This is to remind that TwelveArchitects, a London design office was engaged in the new Rostov airport air terminal architectural design. The new airport’s project named “Sky Bridge” was worked out by a British architect Matt Cartwright, who participated in creating design projects for the reconstruction of Sheremetyevo terminals in Moscow and Knevichi Airport in Vladivostok. Designing a new airport passenger terminal, as well as infrastructure facilities, on-site roads and airport complex service area beautification features in accordance with the architectural concept offered by TwelveArchitects was performed by Assmann Beraten + Planen, a German design institute. 

The new airport complex is erected near stanitsa Grushevskaya of Aksay District, Rostov Region.  The projects provides for the construction of 3600 m-long artificial runway, a passenger terminal for domestic and international airlines with the area of 50 thos.sq.m and annual capacity of 5 mln. passengers. The air terminal complex will be equipped with jetways allowing to get on board the plane from the passenger terminal building directly. Rostovaeroinvest PSC (included to the Airports of Regions holding) acts as the customer of construction investment part facilities.