On August 2, 2016, the rail service was open on Samara - Kurumoch International Airport route. The project was implemented through the offices of the Samara Region Government, Kurumoch International Airport , Samara Suburban Passenger Company and Kuibyshev Railway. Such rout provides for 8 trips daily: for in the direction of Samara- Airport, and four backward.   When departing from the Samara railway station, the electric train makes 4 stops on the way at “Stakhanovskaya”, “Piatiletka”, “Srednevolzhskaya” and “Yagodnaya” platforms. The train will go non-stop further to the “Kurumoch Airport” platform. Travel time - 1 hour 15 minutes.


Since the railway platform is several kilometers from the airport, buses - shuttles are arranged by Kurumoch International Airport for the delivery of passengers to the air terminal building directly. Travel by and baggage transportation in, them will be free of charge.  Shuttle services may be used by both passengers and accompanying persons.  Bus departure to the airport is just after the train’s arrival (travel time - 6-10 minutes, depending on the driving situation), departure to the platform from the airport - 30 minutes before the electric train’s departure.   The shuttle will stop in front of the left entrance to the terminal at Kurumoch International Airport, landmark - Kurumoch signboard in Russian. It’s worth noting that passengers may receive good bonuses from airport tenants during August - a 100% discount for the entire range in Grenki Pub restaurant and Three Deers grill bar on the ticket production (both establishments are located on floor one, in the common waiting area).


“Kurumoch International Airport specialists have done a significant preparation work upon railway service launch, for example, we achieved the synchronization of electric trains’ service timetable with the airport timetable in order to cover as much passengers as possible.  I’d like to note that nighttime traffic to Samara appears for the first time, getting as far as the city previously was possible by taxi only.  I’m sure that Airport-Samara-Airport route, owing to joint efforts of all project parties, will turn out to be popular with our passengers”,  Konstantin Bylinin, Kurumoch International Airport Executive Director, emphasized.

For obtaining further information, passengers may contact the airport information desk at the terminal directly (it’s located in the floor one center), all those who desire may take the electric trains’ service timetable there free of charge. In addition, electric trains’ service timetable, passenger carriage and baggage transportation terms and conditions are available on the special section at airport website

 It’s worth noting that an issue of new public transport stop installation is worked out by the airport in close vicinity to the railway platform for the electric train to be used actively by Beryoza settlement population.