Rostov-on-Don International Airport executed the biggest deal in the enterprise history on the acquisition of 23 units of custom vehicles from one of global branch leaders - TLD, a French concern. They include 8 self-propelled passenger steps, 3 driven airtows, 5 self-propelled baggage belt loaders, 3 air container loaders, 3 towable ground power a.c. sources, as well as towing air starter devices for planes.  The majority of machines have been already delivered within the contract signed from European manufacturing plants of the concern and began working at the Rostov airport ramp.


“We realize the program of Rostov airport infrastructure complex modernization, including the custom vehicles’ fleet renewal”, Vasily Molodtsov, Airports of Regions MC Technical Director, notes. “New techniques will replace the obsolete transport in the existing Rostov-on-Don airport having more than 10 years of average operation age.

First passengers have estimated already the convenience of new self-propelled steps fitted with carbon plastic windshield protecting from precipitations, as well as anti-skid pads and LED tread lighting. As distinct from steps used previously, owing to the 12 stage riser system, the machines purchased will allow exercising boarding operations even on the biggest aircraft types, such as Boeing-747 and Airbus A-380.

New airtows will allow increasing aircraft towing security and convenience at the ramp. Vehicles fitted with automated gearboxes, given their own mass of 15 and 45 tons, can exercise  aircraft  towing that weight up to 150 and 450 tons, as appropriate.

Acquiring pallet loaders allowed to complete a technological equipment of the airport for introducing the aviation containers processing technology that has been used in Rostov-on-Don never before. That will be another step towards increase n the quality, safety and efficiency of services as may be rendered to airlines using the technology of baggage carrying in air containers.


Please be reminded that Rostov air harbor vehicle fleet renewal started in 2015 as a complex modernization part.  Within the framework of first supplies, airport services obtained 2 new road sweeping and purge snow plows made by Norwegian OVERAASEN, Zaugg Rolba 3000 scrabbling and rotary snow plow, 3 airfield “Belarus”-based baggage tractors and 10 baggage trolleys to them, 2 universal motor heaters UMP-170, as well as vehicle-borne KAMAZ truck-based loader crane at their disposal.  In the beginning of 2016, 2 fire airfield KAMAZ-based vehicles and Fiat Duсato comfortable minivans for carrying business class passengers were also purchased.