Koltsovo International Airport passed the ground handling safety audit that was conducted by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and received the reissued ISAGO (IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations) certificate, having confirmed the compliance of ground handling procedures in the airport with safety standards globally accepted. Ekaterinburg airport received such certificate for the first time two years ago.

Within audit frameworks, Koltsovo airport passed a due diligence of ground handling procedures’ performance by five principal directions:

• Organization and Management

•  Aircraft Load Control

•  Passenger  and Baggage Handling

• Aircraft Ground Movement

•  Cargo  and Mail Handling

ISAGO certificate confirmation facilitates the Ekaterinburg airport competitiveness increase. Such certificate additionally enables expanding international cooperation with leading airlines and promoting services in the ground handling area.  Along with the biggest airports of the world, only several Russian air ports have been included to the register of airport complying with the appropriate ISAGO standards. Airports must conform their compliance with standard requirements every two years. 

The purpose of ISAGO program is to increase safety indicators upon ground handling implementation at the expense of reducing the number of emergency situations, personnel injury, preventing acts of unlawful interference, and applying unified standards elaborated using the advanced world practices.  Air harbors pass such certification on a voluntary basis.