At present, there are roof arrangement, assembly of sandwich panels and ventilated facade conducted at the passenger terminal building, around 60% of all steel works has been mounted, arrangement of internal partitions and finishing, as well as laying services are carried out.

“The total advance on the passenger terminal construction schedule is 1 month”, Evgeny Chudnovsky, Company General Director, told. “There are all passage bridges assembled as connect the air terminal building with nine jetways, and works completed on the roof arrangement and leaded light glazing assembly at landing galleries, where departure and boarding waiting zones will be situated, and heating is ready for supply to the left gallery within a week o two.” Given the existing rates of works, the entire air terminal building thermal envelope closure completion is planned by the end of 2016.


Office and technical territory facilities are also erected at a quickened pace, in particular, constructing some of them (industrial amenity building for the allocation of technical airport, material and technical supply warehouses, aviaries for sniffer dogs) will be completed as soon as by December 2016. Construction of administrative and technological complex, cargo terminal, emergency vehicle service and repair building is performed two months ahead of schedule, and of the building for state control authorities and Duty Free warehouses -  three months ahead. A tender has been also issued for the selection of VIP terminal general contractor selection. 


It’s worth adding that the airport complex construction, both in the investment, and federal and regional part, is performed with a due account of the necessity to ensure the construction readiness of all facilities by July 2017, i.e. 6 months before flights start.  The time interval between the delivery and commissioning of facilities is necessary for testing complex technological air navigation equipment, border inspection post fitting out, obtaining certificates and licenses, beautification of points of catering and sale by tenants.

We remind that the new Rostov-on-Don airport complex is erected near stanitsa Grushevskaya of Aksay District.  The projects provides for the construction of 3600 m-long artificial runway, a passenger terminal, and a complex of office and technical buildings and structures. Beginning air carriages in the new Rostov-on-Don airport is planned for December 2017.