Maxim Sokolov, the Minister of Transport of Russia, and Vasily Golubev, the Rostov Region Governor, have approved the new Rostov-on-Don airport complex start-up schedule plan at the regular coordination meeting.

According to the document, the air Don capital harbor will accept first passengers on

December 1, 2017, while construction and assembly jobs will be completed half-year before the start of serving first air flights. Rates of constructing investment part facilities (passenger terminal, administrative, production, technical buildings and warehouses) are ahead of schedule by 2 months, generally.  


“We are moving in confidence within the project implementation schedule, as conformed by meeting holding not on the camp territory, but in the future passenger terminal premise directly”,  Maxim Sokolov, the Minister of Transport of Russia, noted, when opening the meeting. “Considering that a little more than a year is left until December 1, 2017, I offer turning on the “final countdown” until the new airport start-up.”

The total advance on the passenger terminal construction schedule is 1 month. All walking bridges connecting the air terminal with nine boarding bridges have been assembled, roofing works and glass wall installation works at terminal fingers, where departure and boarding waiting zones will be located, have been completed. Given the existing rates of works, the entire air terminal building thermal envelope closure completion is planned by the end of 2016.

Vasily Golubev, the Region Head, also noted high rates and compliance with the schedule of building external utilities and motor roads to the new airport.

“The Rostov Region Government will perform all its obligations in full in accordance with the “road map” accepted”, Vasily Golubev assured. “In particular, two roads will be commissioned in November 2017, as connect M-4 “Don” federal track and Rostov-on-Don with the airport. Accounting for such roads, we envisage the arrangement of several constant public transport routes connecting Platov airport and the city. In addition, we are thinking on alternative ways for the delivery of passengers to the airport in the long term”.


In the course of meeting, Victor Vekselberg, the Chairman of Renova Group of Companies Board of Directors, put forward an initiative of creating a mini-museum in the air terminal building, devoted to Ataman Matvey Platov.

“Actually, the Government of the Russian Federation passed a resolution on awarding Ataman Platov’s name to the Rostov-on-Don airport, so we plan creating a museum in the terminal, a mini-exhibition space, where passengers can get familiarized with the history of Ataman Platov, an outstanding and interesting person, whose name must be honored, and who must be proud of”, Victor Vekselberg commented on the initiative in the course of meeting. “That’s why I appeal to the public for providing us with artifacts, as would be the exposition basis”.

The new airport website presentation has also taken place within the meeting.  Actual news and photo materials on the progress in the construction of airport infrastructure facilities are available at

In conclusion of the visiting meeting, officials participated in the new airport landslide beautification. Meeting attendees and existing Rostov-on-Don airport employees bedded more than 200 maples, hazels,Judas trees and poplars on the parking zone territory in front of the passenger terminal.


We remind that the new Rostov-on-Don airport complex is erected near stanitsa Grushevskaya of Aksay District.  The projects provides for the construction of 3600 m-long artificial runway, a passenger terminal, and a complex of office and technical buildings and structures. Beginning air carriages in the new Rostov-on-Don airport is planned for December 2017.