Koltsovo International Airport finished hangar construction for business aviation planes. That’s the first construction of such type in the airport. The hangar accommodates 4 business jets and will allow airport to render services of a new level to the business aviation in terms of quality.   The project value is more than RUB280 mln.

The new hangar is located in the north-eastern part of Koltsovo airport. The construction area is 2,902.000 sq.m. The hangar enables the airport to perform a simultaneous combined accommodation of 4 business aviation aircraft or a single Airbus А-321/320/319 or Вoeing-737-800/900 plane.  The building is equipped with modern operational systems. In winter time, temperature is maintained at the level not less than +15С. The basic lighting system with up to 500 lux maximum luminous power allows to perform aircraft handling in comfort conditions.  The building is also equipped with an automated fire extinguishing system implemented in accordance with fire safety requirements with respect to hangar storage of planes.  The hangar has the technological equipment placed, as may be necessary for the ground handling of aircraft, electrical power device, LEKTRO AP-8850 towbarless electric towing tractor allowing to perform highly maneuverable placement of planes weighing up to 45 tons.


Three-section frontal lift gate has been made and assembled for such hangar especially.  They are 46 meters wide, and central section height comes up to 14 meters.  For airport custom vehicles’ entering to and exit from, the hangar, there are small technological gates assembled having the size of 6x6 meters.  The hangar has its own taxi strip and hangar area with a parking apron for aircraft allowing to convey several planes upon towing them.

The airport is planning to expand its hangar facilities in the long term. There are three similar buildings are planned for erection near with the hangar already operative.