Rostovaeroinvest issued a tender for entering into non-residential premises lease agreements for the allocation of Duty Free and Travel Retail shops at the new Platov airport complex passenger terminal.  Potential tenants are offered to allocate 2 Duty Free format shops in two zones of the international terminal sector: at departure (355 sq.m) and at arrival (56 sq.m).  The Duty Paid (Travel Retail) category shop is planned for equipment over the area of 223 sq.m in the departure area of domestic Russian flights.   According to tender terms, a condition is effective for Duty Free tenderers on assuming an obligation on Duty Paid shop opening as well. However, if a tenderer has a claim on Duty Paid opening only, no Duty Free opening obligation will be vested thereon. 

“We strive for attracting ambitious highly professional partners to the new terminal, in order that the new terminal complies with the highest world standards, therefore, we proceed to searching potential trade operators virtually a year before “air harbor” opening”, Tatiana Bateneva, Director for Non-Aviation Commerce, Airports of Regions MC, stresses. “In the new airport, we shall implement the new concept of Duty Free format shop arrangement in the air terminal building, as popular with air travelers, not at departure only, but at the arrival either (as soon as the appropriate government authorization order is issued), and we also estimate offering a completely new format for the Rostov air harbor - a Duty Paid (Travel Retail) shop with a wide range of perfumes and cosmetics of leading world brands, sweeties and goods for the journey. 

Duty Free shops are traditionally in great demand with passengers all over the world. As planned, the shop of Duty Paid (Travel Retail) format located in the airside of domestic Russian flights will present a similar range of goods, save alcohol drinks and tobacco products, but tax will be included to the value thereof. Basic advantages of Duty Free and Duty Paid shops for buyers are in the quality guarantee and range of the goods offered (owing to direct supplies from producers), and their value differing advantageously from prices in domestic market shops due to the simplified distribution procedure. 

According to tender conditions, bids must contain the detailed range of the goods offered indicating the number of brands and SKUs per each brand, as well as shop appearance, entry elements and interior visualization. According to selection criteria, the potential Duty Paid operator must commence trading activities simultaneously with the terminal opening in December 2017, and Duty Free shops must commence the disposal of goods not later than 30 days following the issuance of the order on border inspection air-post opening in the new airport.