SarAero-Invest announced pre-selection of building and assembly job applicants for the erection of the passenger terminal and other objects at the new “Centralny” airport complex service area in Saratov. Potential selection participants are offered to perform contractor functions upon the construction of a complex of buildings and structures designed for executing technical processes, servicing passengers, handling cargoes and  mail, aircraft maintenance, meeting airport household and practical needs, and administrative personnel accommodation. New passenger terminal building with the area of 23 thos.sq.m will be the biggest complex object.

“We are awaiting bids from leading Russian and foreign companies prepared to execute building and assembly jobs in the new airport with a good quality and within time-limits specified”, Andrei Zemliakov, Director for Capital Construction, Airports of Regions MC, explained. “According to results of the pre-selection, and basic selection thereupon, we shall select such company as will proceed to the construction of administrative, production and technological buildings and structures in spring 2017 at the new “Centralny” airport in Saratov.

In the course of pre-selection, we shall study potential contractors’ experience in erecting major industrial and civil construction facilities, equipment with own production resources, construction machinery and the availability of engineering and technical specialists.

Please see the official advice of terms and conditions for the participation in the competitive selection at e-commerce site operator’s website OTC-tender. Participants’ bids will be accepted until January 19, 2017.

This is to remind that the new “Centralny” airport complex is being erected near Saburovka village of Saratov Region. The projects provides for the construction of 3,000.000 m-long artificial runway, a passenger terminal with the area of 23 thos.sq.m and annual capacity of 1 mln. passengers. The completion of building and assembly and start-up works in the new Saratov airport is planned for the end of August 2018.   The “Centralny” airport complex construction project is included to the “Russia Transport Network Development (2010 - 2020)” Federal Special Purpose Program.