Platov International Airport will become the first international airport in Russia using computer tomography-based automated systems for the examination of passengers’ checked-in baggage. Two CTX 9800 DSi® inspection devices of Morpho Detection, U.S. producer, will be installed in baggage facilities of passenger terminal domestic Russian and international sectors.

“New equipment we purchase for Platov Airport has the best indicators in its class in terms of detecting threats upon an unprecedented acceptance rate”, Sergei Krasnov, Rostovaeroinvest Executive Director emphasized. “Furthermore, technological constituent part is constantly improved by the producer allowing to comply with future safety requirements, as tend to tightening up”.

Besides high technical and performance characteristics, the new equipment is fitted Clarity, proprietary data collection system, due to which the inspection device detectability was improved significantly.  Clarity system creates a high definition 3-D baggage image comparable in terms of quality with images of medical scanners. Automatic detection and identification of explosives is performed simultaneously. One X-ray generator with two energy levels ensures the differentiation of organic and inorganic materials. Baggage contents are thus specified to the uttermost, enabling fast and perfect identification of the potential hazard and lowering levels of false responses. Conveyor belt speed allows treating 1,800.000 baggage units per hour, thus complying with the passenger terminal capacity. Furthermore, baggage entering the belt is traced by the X-ray, rather than by the photo detector, thus allowing to reduce losses in baggage tracing within the processing system.     

The new screening equipment complies with requirements of Standard 3 of the European Civil Aviation Conference. Similar systems are applied in airports of the USA, Canada, Japan, UK, Germany and a number of other countries, as well as in Russian metropolitan airports.