The project became possible thanks to the efforts of several companies besides Koltsovo Airport. The cargo arrived in Ekaterinburg by flight of the largest in Russia private all-cargo carrier with specialization in the delivery of super-heavy and oversized cargo. Transport and construction company that provided hydraulic equipment was engaged for unloading the equipment.  The unloading operation was carried out in several stages. Ruslan airplane that delivered the cargo was settled at a designated site of Koltsovo airport. A hydraulic lifting system was mounted next to it. With the help of handling equipment of the aircraft the platform with the cargo was moved on rails under the hydraulic crane, and then reloaded to a special low roader, on which it was taken from the airport.

 – Realization of this project shows how the airport’s capacity has recently increased, comments Alexey Piskunov, Koltsovo Airport executive director.  We consistently follow the way of formation of a large cargo center in Koltsovo, develop relationships with cargo carriers and the postal administrations. Even today Koltsovo can offer its customers delivery of any cargo from an ordinary parcel to multi-ton equipment.

Koltsovo cargo terminal is one of the most up-to-date airport logistic center in Russia. The volume of processed cargo and mail made up 27.8 thousand tonnes in 2013 which is 7.4% more than in 2012. This is the only cargo terminal in the country in the territory of which there is an international postal exchange center. Previously the cargo terminal staff have already worked with super-heavy cargos:  in particular, large consignments of flowers are regularly brought to Ekaterinburg from Holland with total weight up to 80 tons, tanks weighing more than 40 tons each are sent from Koltsovo. However, the cargo received at the weekend became a record one.