Krasnov Sergey Evgenyevich
General Manager at Rostov-On-Don Airport

Started professional career in civil aviation in 2002 at Ulyanovsk-Vostochny International Airport as manager-economist of commercial service.

In 2007 worked as commercial director of the airport, was in charge of the development of scheduled and charter flights, participated in the development of a business-plan on the foundation of an airport logistic centre later used by the Government of Ulyanovsk region in a tender process for the setting up of a special economic port area.

In 2009 started working in Basel Aero as Director of Aviation Activities Department.  He was in charge of managing aviation commercial activities (expansion of air route, cargo transportation).

In November 2012 became first deputy of Director General at Kurumoch International Airport  (part of the Holding Airports of Regions of Renova Group of Companies). In May 2013 entered office of Managerial Director at Kurumoch International Airport.

In July 2015 became Managerial Director at RostovAeroInvest.

From August 2016 General Manager at Rostov-On-Don Airport.