Platov International Airport is a major infrastructure project in Rostov province. The airport is built in Aksaysky district of Rostov province, 4 km north of Grushevskaya Station. Such a large-scale new airport was built from scratch for the first time since the Soviet times and was to replace the existing airport, that was put out of service and eventually will be integrated into the city’s built-up area. 

The project for the construction of a new airport complex in Rostov-n-Don is implemented within the framework of a public-private partnership as part of “The Development Of the Transportation System In Russia (2010-2020)” Federal Target Program and the Program For the Preparation and Hosting of 2018 FIFA World Cup in the Russian Federation.







The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation represented by the Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsiya)

Owner and developer: FSUE (federal state unitary enterprise) AGA (A)

General contractor: Transstroymechanizatsiya

The construction of aerodrome and related facilities: runway, taxiways, lighting facilities, apron with aircraft parking spaces, perimeter fencing, drainage system, facilities for weather and radio-navigation flight support (command and control station, weather station and radar systems).

17.9 billion rubles 

The Government of Rostov province

Clients: The Ministry of Transport of Rostov province, the Ministry of Housing and Public Utilities of Rostov province, Rostovenergo (branch of IDGS of the South)  



Donaerodorstroy, Rostovskoe DSU, EnergoDonStroy, Rostovgazstroy, Rostov branch of Rostelecom, Horizontal Directional Drilling, PROMSTROYSERVICE, AEM Rostov

Two access roads and off-site utility lines (power, gas and water supply, sewage disposal, communication systems)

10 billion rubles  

Airports of Regions MC

Client: Rostovaeroinvest

General contractor: LIMAKMARASHSTROY 

The service and technical area facilities of the new airport: passenger, VIP and cargo terminals, car parks and on-site roads, administrative and technological sector, building for state supervising authorities, special purpose machinery garages and workshops, industrial amenity building, warehouses, on-site utility lines, etc.

18 billion rubles



  • Passenger terminal total area: 50 thousand m2
  • Capacity: 2000 passengers per hour / 5 million passengers per year.
  • Number of boarding bridges: 9
  • Car park: 2500 car spaces
  • Runway: 3600*45 m
  • Number of aircraft parking places: 45
  • Cargo handling: 20 thousand tons per year  


  • the runway’s length and its load bearing capacity allows for all types of modern medium- and long-range aircraft; 
  • the possibility to develop effective logistics due to the proximity of major highways;
  • the possibility to set up a technology park with light assembling facilities and a new industrial area in the immediate vicinity of the airport, to develop the logistics centers being created in this area;
  • the possibility to establish an effective intermodal transportation service (a high-speed train);
  • a favourable location with regard to air routes;
  • landing and take-off solely over non-populated area;
  • one of the largest airports in the Southern Federal District;
  • the possibility to build another parallel runway;
  • a potential increase of passenger traffic up to 12 million people over the long run. 


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