The Samara Airport development program provides for construction of a new passenger terminal of at least 41.7 thousand sq. metres to be put in service by 31 December 2014.

It will have five above-ground levels: 3 main and 2 mezzanine in the central part of the building adjoining the airside façade.

The existing complex consists of three separate buildings (International and Domestic Departure Terminal; International Arrival Terminal; Domestic Arrival Terminal) with the total floor area of 10 870 sq. metres. The Departure Terminal has one underground and two above-ground floors; the other two terminals are one-storeyed.

Airside, the new terminal will link on to the 225-m long jetway with transverse airbridges. The terminal is to have 7 airbridges (2 twin and 3 single) connected to 5 fixed jetways. The twin boarding bridges will be used for either one category E widebody or two concurrent category C narrowbodies. There will also be six bus gates.

The capacity of the new terminal will be over 3.5 million passengers per year. The existing terminal has 6 international and 8 domestic check-in desks; the new one will have 24.

There will be a car park on the landside, with some of the parking spaces reserved for disabled people. A guarded surface car park for visitors, with a short-term and a long-term section, will be located north-west of the terminal. A car park for staff is planned in the eastern part.

Phase 1 of the Kurumoch development program includes the construction of a new cargo terminal (3500 sq. metres).